Moments with Mama…Who’s your Daddy?

I have so much to remember and write down from this past week but I’ve lost my focus for a little while. I know everyone feels this way at times, and I feel guilty saying this when I see what so many friends are going through, but the simple truth is my heart and spirit have just become so heavy this week and I feel unplugged from everything.  I told a friend I was trying to find my boot straps…. I’m usually able to pull them up and get moving and I know I will just like all of you do over and over again, and I know that our living in Daddy’s shoes has been an experience that needed to happen.  Our family thanks you for all the messages, prayers, visits, and hugs we’ve received.  Every single one is important to us.  And for those of you going through your own challenges, my prayers and hugs to you with all my heart.

Daddy is doing amazingly well and is in rehab.  He may actually be home in a couple of days because he’s already climbing the walls and I just know those therapists are scheming to give him the boot:)   Somehow I’ve convinced Mama that Daddy is still at work… she has no idea it’s been six days.

But I’ll end on a smile for the weekend before it escapes me.  I got to take Mama on this gorgeous day to see my son, Chase, play in his first high school baseball game.  It was so nice to be there among wonderful friends, watching my baby, and for Mama and I both to be out in the sun which is one of her favorite things.  During the game, Mama sat between me and Dave and after telling almost everyone how handsome they were (sorry Alan, maybe next time:), she started asking Dave repeatedly which one was his son.  Dave would point Chase out on the field over and over until she finally said….

Mama:  Well, who is his Daddy?

Dave:  I am.  I’m right here (pointing to himself).

Mama:  No, who is his Daddy?

Dave:  I’m his Daddy, I’m right here.

Mama (obviously quite flustered with Dave):  NO, who is is REAL Daddy?

My lips are sealed.

Oh, and by the way, the clock that disappeared this week had to be exhumed.  The empty spot where it sat caused even more confusion as to what time of day it was, bless her heart.  Now, I didn’t say the darn thing had to have the right time – I will win the battle with this clock.


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