Moments with Mama…letters to Linda

Mom’s doctor made a house call today to see what had changed with her in these last couple of weeks.  When he left, we were all changed.  He told us he’s fairly certain she’s had a stroke.  We were not really shocked because a couple of weeks ago, we saw drastic changes pretty much overnight.  She began swallowing less and with more difficulty, eating less, she began swaying and almost falling, she began responding less, and her weight has dropped more, along with other changes. And that Linda smile is almost gone entirely…I will say the day at the beach, she smiled, and she smiled a lot, that was a good day.  But we knew something new was taking place in that frail body of hers.

Anyway, her doctor has Hospice coming tomorrow to get us in their system and routine, to help us know what’s coming, to help us help Mama.  This does not mean she will be leaving us in the next few weeks, or even months, we really don’t know at this point, it’s not in our hands.  All we can pray is God’s mercy gives her peace and she feels loved in whatever time He has planned for her on this earth.

On a joyful note, today of all days, after Dr. Letvak left, my brother, Dad and I were trying to fix Daddy’s computer, a never ending and funny story.  And while we were in his room, something led us to a cabinet we’ve been in a hundred times.  In the cabinet, we found a tin Mitch and I swear we’ve never seen before, or never noticed, and in it were these….Screenshot_20160803-183734

all the letters and cards Mama and Daddy wrote to each other when Daddy was in the Army the first four years of their marriage.  I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am, how it feels to see Mama’s handwriting on the envelopes, the pages, to read HER words, to touch the paper where she wrote, and to know my Daddy took the time to write all those letters, the man who never slows down.  Knowing Daddy, I may be embarrassed to read a few of them, and some of you are nodding your head right now:), but I will read every word and I’ll soak it all in!

This task brings me joy… so I thank Jesus for a light on a very dark day.

Who knows, maybe I can share Letters to Linda once in a while (and just censor Daddy when necessary:).

Prayers for Mama and for Daddy….


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