Moments with Daddy… without Mama

I walked in the back door like I always do.  It was early one morning recently, before the sun had risen, and there he was.... sitting at the table.   He never does that.  It almost scared me.  The words we'd all felt losing Mama seemed to be captured in that one little moment sitting at … Continue reading Moments with Daddy… without Mama

Moments with Mama… and the Godfather

279 days ago, Mama went to heaven.  Part of me wanted to run behind her and part of me left with her.  Alzheimers did all it could to take from us, and yes, it succeeded in taking two things most precious ~ Mama and her memories.  But she won in the end by gaining back … Continue reading Moments with Mama… and the Godfather

Moments with Mama…letters to Linda

Mom's doctor made a house call today to see what had changed with her in these last couple of weeks.  When he left, we were all changed.  He told us he's fairly certain she's had a stroke.  We were not really shocked because a couple of weeks ago, we saw drastic changes pretty much overnight. … Continue reading Moments with Mama…letters to Linda

Moments with Daddy (this time)… three more days.

Missing for 28 days...but I'm still here!  28 days that are a blur and surreal.  28 days in which my brain nor body would stop long enough to focus on writing - focus is hard for me even during normal times.  But between Daddy's big adventure below, and Mama, poor Mama, two weddings and several … Continue reading Moments with Daddy (this time)… three more days.

Moments with Mama… Daddy’s surgery

Daddy is having knee replacement tomorrow, at 78, his second one.  My husband has had two so this will be our fourth new knee in the family!  I know under normal conditions that recovery from knee replacement is tough and factoring in Mama's condition makes it... interesting.   Mama was always a caregiver, taking pies … Continue reading Moments with Mama… Daddy’s surgery