Moments with Daddy… without Mama

I walked in the back door like I always do.  It was early one morning recently, before the sun had risen, and there he was.... sitting at the table.   He never does that.  It almost scared me.  The words we'd all felt losing Mama seemed to be captured in that one little moment sitting at … Continue reading Moments with Daddy… without Mama

Present over Perfect? Yeah, right.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm always searching, for what I'm never sure, but it continues daily.  I think it's primarily a peaceful spirit and a calm heart and mind, direction....oh wait, I said I was never sure, but of these things I am.  But in today's time? Are those things possible?  Many days I … Continue reading Present over Perfect? Yeah, right.

Mama’s Shoes…

Mama will be gone a year next week.  As many of you can relate, it seems like ten years and it seems like last week.  Since she passed, we slowly but surely go through things of hers which never gets easier.  It’s funny what you learn about someone, even those you’ve loved your whole life, … Continue reading Mama’s Shoes…

Moments with Mama… and the Godfather

279 days ago, Mama went to heaven.  Part of me wanted to run behind her and part of me left with her.  Alzheimers did all it could to take from us, and yes, it succeeded in taking two things most precious ~ Mama and her memories.  But she won in the end by gaining back … Continue reading Moments with Mama… and the Godfather

Little notes…

Caroline's birthday is next week and so odd it's timing, I opened a journal this morning I'd not used in a while and in it was this note Mama had written herself obviously as a little reminder we needed to or were taking Caroline out on June 23rd.  The odd squiggly lines around it, so … Continue reading Little notes…

Moments with Mama… I’m not Motherless.

Just recently, I was at Mama's, and on occasion, Daddy and I will go through a cabinet or drawer and see what in the world she'd tucked away.  In a cabinet we'd been in before was this photo, really big photo, hard to miss, but somehow we had.  I don't know that I'd ever seen … Continue reading Moments with Mama… I’m not Motherless.

Moments with Mama… the Gift

Twenty-four days ago, my Mama went to heaven.  It's taken me these three weeks to put this on paper because it's so precious to me and it's hard to share right now... it's on my heart every day.  When someone passes, there always seems to be interesting things that happen, signs either not noticed before … Continue reading Moments with Mama… the Gift

Moments with Mama… the Bouquet

I share this here so I can keep it with memories I’ve kept of Mama.  I wrote it a few nights ago, a short time before she left us.  I was watching her breath, her little heart struggling, and I was trying to envision her journey as she left us here and went to heaven. Daddy … Continue reading Moments with Mama… the Bouquet

Moments with Mama…the last prayer

I wanted to write this jubilant post about the new year, and yes, there are so many things I'm excited about. God has been so doggone good to me, it definitely surpasses my understanding, and I don't like being down - it's not me and if you don't want to read my Eeyore post, I … Continue reading Moments with Mama…the last prayer

From one Mom to another Mom to another…

Today is not about my Mama but another, one whom I felt a need to write about for my own heavy heart if for no other reason.  Yesterday I watched this mother at the funeral of her baby boy, a young man, but still her baby boy.  It was an amazing gift of grace from … Continue reading From one Mom to another Mom to another…