Moments with Mama… God-sent moments

The Moments with Mama are ever changing and always hard to absorb.  Every day is a learning experience to which many of you can relate.  For going on a year now, we’ve not been able to understand Mama’s sentences or communication hardly at all.  We occasionally catch a word here and there but those are rare and we have to do a lot of guessing what she’s trying to say.  Night before last, however, we believe we had a God-sent moment, call it a clear spot in her brain that was lingering for just this moment perhaps, but nonetheless, God-sent.  Mama looked at Daddy with such clarity and said, “I want to talk to Bobby.”  My Dad’s name is Bobby but Mama also has one brother named Bobby with whom she’s always been very close until even he left her memory last year.  It’s been months since she would touch him on the arm and say, “you’re my brother.”  Unsure of which Bobby Mama was referring to, Daddy asked her,  “You want to talk to your brother, Bobby Cobb?” and she nodded yes.  Daddy got Uncle Bobby on the phone quickly and told him he didn’t know what was going on but his sister wanted to talk to him… still hard for me to take in.  Daddy handed Mama the phone, which is a tool she’s not recognized for years, but she held it to her ear.  Daddy watched her listen for a moment and then as clear as day she said, “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”   My Uncle Bobby has had some significant health issues in the last few years and I know it’s broken his heart watching Mama and her not knowing him but for this moment, whether it was for him or her, or even all of us, she did. We believe she did.   There’s not much more to add to this but thankfulness, truly.  We pray for more God-sent moments, and I’m sure we’ll look back and realize we had more than we even realize, but we’ll cling to this one for a long time.1970909_10201692512136130_231554371_n

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