Moments with Mama…and Little Debbie

My Mama was a great cook, she just never wanted anyone in the kitchen “under her feet” when she was cooking – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  Seriously though, Mama worked full-time as long as I could remember and came home tired and just wanted to get supper on the table.  At the time, I didn’t mind, but man do I wish I had followed her around a little more.  Much like many great cooks we all know, she was a “dash of this and dash of that” kind of cook.  Recipe?  Maybe.  Follow it?  Not likely.  I remember calling her many times after I got married and asking her how to fix this or not (it’s not cook, it’s “fix” y’all) and she’d tell me to just throw in this or that and I’d ask her how much.  She’d again say something like “just enough until it tastes the way you want it.” She did not get the concept that I was a 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 cup kind of girl, and I still am. Granted, I venture out and throw in an extra dash of something now and then when I feel really brave but it often backfires… just ask my family.

Anyway, last week, our wonderful caregiver angel, Sharon, saw Mama go into the kitchen as she often does and mention the word supper.  She decided to stand back and watch Mama and as she did, Mama took out two paper plates and set them out carefully.  She got out two forks and two glasses, all meticulously and with thought in the process. Then, of all things, she went to the pantry and got out six packs of Little Debbie Swiss rolls and put three packs on both plates, a plate for her and a plate for Sharon.

About that time, Daddy came in the back door and asked her what she was doing and she mumbled something and again, the word supper appeared in there somewhere.  And then…

She got out a third plate, a third fork, and took a Swiss roll off each plate so they each have two packs each.

Another lucid moment, perhaps…. but it warms my heart to think of her for just a fleeting few moments remembering what she used to do fussing over supper if you will.  I miss all that fussing.

p.s.  We don’t know what the soup bowl on the left was for but she was probably thinking about serving another dish on the table:)


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