Oh Mama…another Mother’s Day

As I sit here in the dark, Mama is asleep in the next room. Mother’s Day is, well, not the same anymore, to say the least. When I think of what Mama has lost, I can't even take it all in.  69 years of a life before Alzheimers, 69 years gone.  Thankfully, we were part … Continue reading Oh Mama…another Mother’s Day

Moments with Mama…and Little Debbie

My Mama was a great cook, she just never wanted anyone in the kitchen "under her feet" when she was cooking - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Seriously though, Mama worked full-time as long as I could remember and came home tired and just wanted to get supper on the table.  At … Continue reading Moments with Mama…and Little Debbie

Moments with Mama… God-sent moments

The Moments with Mama are ever changing and always hard to absorb.  Every day is a learning experience to which many of you can relate.  For going on a year now, we've not been able to understand Mama's sentences or communication hardly at all.  We occasionally catch a word here and there but those are rare … Continue reading Moments with Mama… God-sent moments

Moments with Mama…Linda and the Lipstick

Last night, Mama and I made our usual route around the big metropolis of Mebane.  Oh, occasionally, we'll head to the big city of Burlington (have to pack a lunch:) and get a Dunkin' Donuts coffee or a Zack's Hotdog, one of her favorites, but usually, it's just around Mebane.  We ride "out to the … Continue reading Moments with Mama…Linda and the Lipstick

Moments with Mama…the last prayer

I wanted to write this jubilant post about the new year, and yes, there are so many things I'm excited about. God has been so doggone good to me, it definitely surpasses my understanding, and I don't like being down - it's not me and if you don't want to read my Eeyore post, I … Continue reading Moments with Mama…the last prayer

Moments with Mama…it is what it is.

I walked in at Mom's yesterday to take her for a ride around town.  Our wonderful caregiver, Sharon, was with her, and Mama just smiled when I walked in like she knew me and had not seen me in years.  She does that every time I see her and it never gets old.  While Sharon … Continue reading Moments with Mama…it is what it is.

Moments with Mama… Inside Those Eyes

Moments with Mama.... I didn't think my rushed nerves could take 15 minutes to watch the video below but I'm so glad I did - it's like it was written for me and Mama, about me and Mama.  https://youtu.be/P1TCnxkvEiQ There is an indescribable feeling sometimes when I look into Mama's eyes, really look, up close, … Continue reading Moments with Mama… Inside Those Eyes

Moments with Mama… not her last birthday

Today, my Mama turns 77.  I don't know about you but the older I get, the younger that sounds.  It hit me this morning though, that in Mama's world, her last birthday was around age 70.... she seems to be stuck in or around the year 2008.  For women, forgetting your last seven birthdays may … Continue reading Moments with Mama… not her last birthday

Rosanna Rosanna Danna

I got to sit with Mama early this morning and I just let her sleep as long as she'd like.  She finally got up around 8:30 and moseyed around the house not even realizing I was there. I watch her shuffle her little feet from her couch she likes to sleep on to Daddy's room … Continue reading Rosanna Rosanna Danna

One cell at a time…

I stumbled upon this song today by Jerry Lansdowne dedicated to his mother with Alzheimers.  Just had to share the lyrics because they're exactly what we think Mama must feel or have felt back in the earlier stages..... "I'm not me anymore" I’m breaking I can feel it inside Something’s taking over my mind Causing … Continue reading One cell at a time…

Moments with Mama…. the Fear

So I broke down and watched Still Alice ...alone.... probably not a wise decision.  As some of you know, it's about a 51 year old woman diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer Disease, her family, her quick deterioration, her children being tested for the disease.  I sobbed the entire movie, the ugly kind of sob.  The … Continue reading Moments with Mama…. the Fear


GLIMMERS... For Mama ​These dark​ corners in my mind keep expanding, trying so hard to consume the light. ​But even in the darkest dark, these glimmers still come and go, glimmers of light like riding through a tunnel with windows, glimmers of images, of familiarity. I am confused why they do not stay. So many faces … Continue reading Glimmers

Taking Mama home…

Moments with Mama.... are moving back to the country.   We moved Mama into memory care about three weeks ago and yesterday, Daddy brought her back home.   Many of you have asked about her and Daddy and it means so much.  Daddy brought her back home yesterday, his heart was broken leaving her in … Continue reading Taking Mama home…

A few flowers…

I shared this with a couple of friends last week but it's been weighing heavy on my mind still. For those of you who have been through Alzheimers or dementia with a loved one, you will understand.  For those of you haven't, and I pray you don't, you will come to realize one day that … Continue reading A few flowers…

Pajamas and the pocketbook…

So many of you have messaged me or asked me when we were out and about how Mama is doing and it touches my heart each time. I've not shared a post in quite a while. Quite frankly, the daily changes we're seeing are squeezing out the ability to find the laughter. We still try … Continue reading Pajamas and the pocketbook…