I knew it was coming…

Night before last, I was driving Miss Daisy as we like to say when we're driving Mama around.  This is the time of day we literally take turns driving her around the county to keep her happy and to give Daddy a break mentally and physically.  It's her sundown time, her toughest, his toughest, and … Continue reading I knew it was coming…

Mother’s Day….

As I think about today, I am thankful, but there are so many varying emotions that go through my mind as I am sure many of you can relate to.  And memories...  thinking about how every Mother's Day we religiously went to church and how Daddy religiously brought in a red flower for us to … Continue reading Mother’s Day….

Life as we know it…

Daddy, Mama, and I were supposed to leave on a trip to Pennsylvania with Daddy's church group today. We were to return on Wednesday.  However, when Mama made such a big turn a couple of weeks ago, we decided it was best not to take her on that long bus ride up there and back. … Continue reading Life as we know it…

Those Women

The last two weeks have brought drastic change in Mama, it's almost hard to believe. I keep seeing that first MRI of Mama's brain the doctor showed us back when they felt sure she had Alzheimers back in about 2009. The doctor explained the white we saw on the screen, the white matter, that was … Continue reading Those Women

Slipping away….

As I asked for prayer request on Facebook this morning, I kept thinking about all those going through so much more than I am and I lift them up in prayer, even those whose struggle I don't know.  I never, ever think my situation is worse than the next person, I know it is not. … Continue reading Slipping away….

From one Mom to another Mom to another…

Today is not about my Mama but another, one whom I felt a need to write about for my own heavy heart if for no other reason.  Yesterday I watched this mother at the funeral of her baby boy, a young man, but still her baby boy.  It was an amazing gift of grace from … Continue reading From one Mom to another Mom to another…

Moments with Daddy (this time)… three more days.

Missing for 28 days...but I'm still here!  28 days that are a blur and surreal.  28 days in which my brain nor body would stop long enough to focus on writing - focus is hard for me even during normal times.  But between Daddy's big adventure below, and Mama, poor Mama, two weddings and several … Continue reading Moments with Daddy (this time)… three more days.

Moments with Mama…Who’s your Daddy?

I have so much to remember and write down from this past week but I've lost my focus for a little while. I know everyone feels this way at times, and I feel guilty saying this when I see what so many friends are going through, but the simple truth is my heart and spirit … Continue reading Moments with Mama…Who’s your Daddy?

Thank you Jesus and Vanna White

Thank you so much for all the calls and messages asking about Daddy.  He's doing great today, making the nurses laugh, and is a day ahead on their physical therapy goals.  He thinks all is well with Mom which probably helps. As far as Mama goes, while we were still with Daddy at the hospital … Continue reading Thank you Jesus and Vanna White

Moments with Mama… her name is Linda

I started this blog, journal, stress reliever, whatever it is or will prove to be, with the encouragement of so many wonderful friends and even strangers who are where we are or have been.  I don't know what I'm doing so bear with me while I learn but I do know I can talk so … Continue reading Moments with Mama… her name is Linda

Moments with Mama… Daddy’s surgery

Daddy is having knee replacement tomorrow, at 78, his second one.  My husband has had two so this will be our fourth new knee in the family!  I know under normal conditions that recovery from knee replacement is tough and factoring in Mama's condition makes it... interesting.   Mama was always a caregiver, taking pies … Continue reading Moments with Mama… Daddy’s surgery